About Brett Dodgson

Brett came to St Andrews in May 2017. He is the Graduate School Manager and provides professional support to the Provost and the wider St Leonard's College. Originally from Milton Keynes.

A new blog

We are setting up “Postgraduate Perspectives” to give a voice to postgraduates at the University of St Andrews.

Over the next few months we will develop our blogging community and encourage them to share their experiences as a postgraduate – to talk about what it is like to be a postgraduate in St Andrews, how their research or study is progressing, and anything else that is on their mind.

We hope that bloggers will find that writing a blog helps them to develop their ability to reflect on their work, provides them with an outlet for the emotions (good and bad) that come with postgraduate-level work, and establishes a pattern of regular writing which will be of value when they come to their thesis/dissertation.

Do check back over the next few weeks to meet our bloggers and follow their stories.