An Apology and an Update

Hi all,

I haven’t posted since my introduction and it is entirely my fault. It also demonstrates some of the struggles which come in this world: balance. I’ve found it difficult to balance my activities for a while and no more obvious has that been than in my doctorate. So what have I been up to?

I have: taught a month long summer school, been away 3 times, presented at a conference, applied for funding to pay for lab kits, taught weekly on a first year course, been a study skills tutor, taken a Chinese class, organised a workshop series, AND re-done some statistical analyses as well as started planning papers…

So getting it all together plus working out the best things to say for a regular blog here was difficult and I’m sorry for that. But with the new year I have a no structure to my activities and that includes booking in blogging time. My next month is going to be spent ordering the lab kits and starting that work, drafting another summer school as well as workshop series, and finishing off my first paper. I will update you accordingly.

Thanks for reading,


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Hai! I'm a 5th Year (Part-Time) PhD student in the School of Psychology. I focus on animal behaviour and in particular how different experiences in early life establish different behaviours in adulthood. When I'm not researching, I also enjoy reading graphic novels (whilst trying to write my own book), playing guitar, and seeing friends (all of the normal stuff). Open to any questions :) @BenCTurnbull #UG2PhD

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