Managing Lab Consumables and Budget

Ben Turnbull
Tuesday 28 January 2020

Hi all,

The biggest thing in my last few weeks has been learning to use a budget to get where I need in the lab. I’ve never had to worry about costs as my supervisor has handled it. Last year, we got a grant for some lab consumables and this Spring it’s been on me to manage it. Reading over protocols, taking stock of what we have, working out the best value orders. It’s been quite fun.

I’ve been very thankful for the wonderful people at varies companies who have helped me with my orders. There’s been a lot of little things which I haven’t considered and they have been very patient. The pressure is on because the money will run out and any delays set back my research but overall it is getting there!


Next month or so is going to be spent working on draft 2 of my paper and doing this lab work!


Thanks for reading.



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