Writing My First Paper!

Ben Turnbull
Tuesday 28 January 2020

Hello friends!

I’ve spent the last month drafting my first paper. What an experience! To be honest, I didn’t really know what to expect…that sounds dumb since I’ve written things before but something about it being a formal output of MY OWN WORK raised the pressure a little bit. I’ve enjoyed the process though and honestly having the first go at sharing my piece of the world has been wonderful.

I started with the methods and results as these are the ‘easier’ bits. Easier in that the content is cut and dry, very matter of fact. From here I outlined and then wrote my discussion. This took a lot of phrasing and rephrasing. Finally, I wrote the introduction which, after having hashed out the discussion, was relatively simple to do. The only concerns I have is whether i’ve judged the balance of big picture content well enough…

It’s going off to the supervisor in the next couple of days and i’m fully aware of how much it may change in response to their comments. But for now I am proud of myself.

Thanks for reading,


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